Servants of Christ

Welcome to Servants of Christ United Methodist Parish!  

We are a truly diverse group of Christians praising and following God. We come together from many nations around the world to be multicultural and multigenerational church family. We worship in both English and Spanish every Sunday. We share in the spirit of Pentecost, where God can speak to anyone from anywhere at any time.

We believe that Christ died for us and that means we can be set free from whatever has come before. If you’re a lifelong Christian, you have a home here because Christ died for you. If you feel like you’ve never fit at a church, you have a home here because Christ died for you. If you’ve made some mistakes in your life, and you worry that you might not belong, you absolutely have a home here because Christ died for you.   

We seek to love our neighbors and our neighborhood. We have been rooted in this same spot for over six decades, and even as our neighborhood and our city as changed, our calling has not. We strive for the world and especially the people around us to know that we love them and that God loves them.

We hope that no matter who you are, you can find a home here, that you find the love of God here, that you can grow closer to your Christian family and to God here, and that you can find the peace, power, and potential from the Holy Spirit here. All are welcome here because God’s grace is for everyone, and everyone can be a servant of Christ.

Vaya con Dios,

Pastor Trey